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  • SA3 车钩

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  • SA3 Complete
    coupler according to the attached drawing and  following spec. with
    the best competitive price and delivery time:
    Stroke: 110mm

    Energy Absorption: 60 kj

    Draft gear length: 625mm

    Russian ref. Drawing: 106-00-000-IC6

    with Russian standard Gost


    The SA3  type of coupler has been standardized for the railways in the Soviet  Union  after  the second World  warI.  Further tests were carried out in the 1950s.

    TheSA3 coupler , an easy and robust design. The function of the coupler is easy to understand and repair possible in each workshop. Failures in function are easy to fix and mostly manual to correct.

    With higher impact speed,  eespecially under  the hard climate conditions and  in curves  when  the  disconnection  with  traction  forces  between  the couplers  is  considered,  SA3 authomatic couplers  functyon  excellent.

    The benefit of SA3  coupler  is about 5,000  tonnes heavy could be hauled. This was a good impulse  because the transport capacities can  be doubled.

    Although the SA3  coupler is primarily used in the countries of the former Soviet Union, they are visible everyday at the transshipping stations, at the eastern borders of the European Union (Poland, Slovakia and Hungary).

    Sweden began to use SA3  couplings in 1969 after problems with snapping chain couplers and a need for ever increasing capacity with higher train weights. Today, locomotives using couplings of the SA3 type haul a total weight of over 8000-ton in harsh weather conditions without any problem.

    Today  the  SA3 -3 authomatic  couplers  are  used  by  the  following  countries; Armenia, Azaerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Russia, Türkmenistan, Tajykistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Finland, Irag, Turkey, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Slovakia. .

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