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     The Diesel Engine Locomotive as the main products of our company are widely used as the power traction equipments in the field of metallurgy, mining, forest, power station, construction sites, chemical, etc. as well as used in the field of district railway, urban subway. They can be divided into more than 10 series of 80HP,100HP,180HP,240HP,380HP,600HP,800HP,1000HP,1250HP,1360HP and 1600HP by the power rate. They also can be divided by the transmission type: mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission, electric transmission.They can be divided into two types by working condition: shunting locomotive, small running.The products have high efficient torque convert box, hydraulic direction changeover and electric automatic shift changeover. They leads the technology in the lines of locomotive,The locomotive also has the advantages of reliable operation,good economy and low engine emission meeting the requirements of environment protection.

     The second main products of our company are Electric Mining Locomotive.The AC overhead locomotive used in under-ground covers the tons of:1.5t,3t,6t,7t,10t,14t,20t,30t. The AC overhead used in open air covers the tons of 9t,14t,20t,40t,55t.

     In recent years, the foreign trade of our company has been improved rapidly,many products are exported to many countries.For instance,the 600HP hydraulic transmission diesel locomotives have been exported to Singapore,Iran.The 800HP locomotive has been exported to Iran.360HP locomotive has been exported to Burma.The 450HP are saled to Hongkong.The spareparts of the locomotive have been exported to many countries.

     Our company is also a locational, professional enterprise manufacturing ball mill, rotary kiln, has the 38 years of experience to design, manufacture, assembly, commissioning the ball mill and rotary kiln. Our products have been exported to more than ten countries and areas: East Asia, West Asia, South America, Australia, Germany, etc., have won the great praise from our customers. Our products are more than 30 series,70 specifications. The throughput capacity reaches 10,000 tons deadweight annually. They are widely used in the industry of mine, construction material, water coal plasm, chemical plant, fertilizer, magnetic material, electric power.

     Meanwhile,our company also manufacture the aluminum plastic composite panel, honeycomb panel, and the packing material products.Now we have the throughput capacity of 150m2 of aluminum plastic composite panel,20m2 of honeycomb,30m2 of aluminum single panel annually. The main equipments & process are imported from overseas or cooperate with local & well known companies.They are not only sold in domestic market, but also overseas market like Japan, Germany, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, etc.

     Our company also manufacture the Handrail used in BUS.The products covers the diameter of Φ12.7、Φ19.05、Φ22.2、Φ25.4、Φ30、Φ31.75、Φ35、Φ38.1、Φ43,9 series,more than 100 types.The series of Φ32 has been the first choice of large volume bus manufacturer.The new products

     pushed recently equipped with DC bush has the advantages of low noise, small clearance, and utility.We won the bid for 2008 Olympic Games.The material adopts A356.2 alloy aluminum, adopts the process of hydraulic state model forge with the advantages of perfect tensile strength,rigidity.The handrail is manufactured by the processes of  shining,polishing,spray plastic which can make the handrail has high shine and antioxidation ability.The handrail products includes handle pipe, driver partition fence,protection fence,etc.The pipe material includes the types of PVC,aluminum alloy anode oxidation pipe, checker pipe with plastic sprayed, composite stainless steel pipe,stainless steel pipe.The pipe diameter varies fromΦ12.7 to Φ43,the wall thickness of pipe from 1.0mm to 3.5mm.We can design,manufacture and assembly the specified products according to the requirements from the customer.We comply with the standards of Q/320421、LFF01-98.

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